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Petra + Anthony | Happy 2nd Anniversary

Two years ago I agreed to photograph Petra and Anthony’s wedding and the interesting thing for us was that we photographed this wedding in Prague whilst on our honeymoon.

In 2008 Anthony and a group of friends had gone to Prague for a friend’s birthday. They were advised by one of the friends who had previously lived and worked in Prague to have fun but not to break the rule which was “don’t fall in love”. On the second night Petra caught Anthony’s eye and he was smitten. His friends tried to remind him of the rule but all Anthony could say was “I don’t know guys, but there is something about her, and kept saying I don’t know, but there is something about her”.

The truth is, there is something about Petra that Anthony couldn’t help but fall in love with back in 2008 and after 4 years together they returned to Prague to tie the knot and celebrate their union on 22-03-13. Happy Anniversary


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