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Father’s Day – gift idea

In less than 3 weeks time we will be celebrating Father’s Day. Many of us will be looking to show our love and appreciation to our fathers – be they our birth father, step father, adopted father, spiritual father, or someone else we consider to be our father.

A father may mean different things to different people, with some people having a very good and positive experience whilst others would want to forget. Those that have had a positive experience of fatherhood will agree that a father is Respected because he gives his children leadership; Appreciated because he gives his children care; Valued because he gives his children time; Loved because he gives his children the one thing they treasure most, HIMSELF.

As we prepare to show our love and appreciation to our father, some of us my be struggling with ideas about what to get this Father’s Day. If you are one of those or you tend to plan things at the last minute, you could consider a gift that would enable your father to have some of life’s special moments captured and preserved for future memories. Why not buy him a Destiny Road Photography Gift Voucher for a family photo session, and give him the opportunity to have some of the special bond between a father and child(ren) captured professionally and preserved through photographic prints.

Here is a link for more information of on our Gift Voucher.


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